March 14th 1879

Albert Einstein German born of Jewish lineage. It took Einstein nine years to get a job in the Academic field. Working as as a patent clerk prior to work as a scientist he was a thinker and came up with his thoughts on general relativity by observation and the foundations of a curious mind developed in his childhood.

Invariance of the speed of light, Britannica…


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Today would have been his 144th birthday

Albert Einstein would have been 114 years odd today, however, the man subject to the human condition died on April 18 1955 at 76 years.

Said: No matter how often you are right the public will always remember your errors. A popular divergence was that the medical examiner stole his brain. However:


Whether or not Einstein’s brain was preserved with his prior consent is a matter of dispute. Ronald Clark’s 1979 biography of Einstein states “he had insisted that his brain should be used for research and that he be cremated.” More recent research has suggested that the brain was removed and preserved without the permission of either Einstein or his close relatives.[7]Hans Albert Einstein, the physicist’s elder son, endorsed the removal after the event. However, he insisted that his father’s brain should be used only for research to be published in scientific journals of high standing.[4