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TGIF-One view, on farming…

Eight billion souls agree

Obviously the only way that Hunter gathering and local gardening would satisfy 8 billion stomachs is if they hunted each other. And I think it’s agreed we should quit doing that. However that leaves forestry and nature for no till growing, and the calmness and gentleness of your front garden for peace of mind and soul rest. We give that without reserve to all that attempt it.

June, July, August

have a great season.

Carbon farming

Methods of nature that preserve the under soil, also known as don’t till farming are being adapted now to go back to wild for climate and fauna sake. We hope all can work together.

Buy local Shop local still very relevant for choice and local environmental concerns.

TGIF-Trans Mountain Expansion

A Hydrogen filling station no longer in Merritt BC

The Bus Depo and truck stop had working hydrogen fuel up untill the emergency situation riddled the province in recent years.

A filling station formerly in truck stop north end of Merritt.

File Photo KDG

Hydrogen worked with a lot of applications including, “Ballard fuel cells”

Ballard Fuel Cells paragraph AI-generated.

are an essential part of the technology that powers cleaner and more efficient vehicles. As a leader in fuel cell technology, Ballard has been at the forefront of the shift towards sustainable transportation.

The Trans Mountain Expansion project is a major step towards expanding Canada’s ability to transport oil to the rest of the world. While many have concerns about the environmental impact of such projects, it’s important to recognize the role that clean technologies like fuel cells can play in mitigating those impacts.

Hydrogen has worked with Ballard on a number of projects over the years, and we’re proud to continue that partnership as we support the development of cleaner, more sustainable transportation solutions.

Whether it’s through the use of fuel cell electric vehicles or other applications, we believe that hydrogen and fuel cells will continue to play a vital role in the transition towards a more sustainable energy future.

So as we look forward to the weekend and celebrate another successful week, let’s also take a moment to consider the important role that cleaner technologies like fuel cells can play in making our world a better and more sustainable place.

Hydrogen Stations in Canada, April 2023

Hydrogen Stations in canada in April 2023


Hydrogen is a volatile gas, editor

The promos around hydrogen replacement are often centered on the fact that burning the element mate of water makes only clean water. The facts are hydrogen is a very volatile flammable gas. Way up there from propane and courser gases.

New Buses File Photo KDG

BC Transit operates a seven day a week Transit service. These bus vehicles rum on gasoline and never took advantage of either the hydrogen station above nor electric opportunities in the past few years. Yes the city is small however opportunities for research and development are a parent in a controlled environment.


The adaptability of the city of Merritt is demonstrated by the relationship of the TMX project hydrogen, electric and it’s clean energy 44 mega watt plant in city limits. Although hydrogen filling is not available here now the people who were cooperative and enduring are. As demonstrated by the words of a patron in the link on the bus photo.

Cruising returning after Covid shutdown.

life for people again…

From the Olympic expectation of 2010, and this year’s cruise season “1,000,000” to be served, is a normalcy after Covid and fire emergencies…

Expectations mount.

As Vancouver prepares to welcome back more and more visitors to its downtown core, the city is gearing up for a potential influx of a million people over the coming months. With the CBC building set to serve as the official broadcasting center for the upcoming Olympics, it’s clear that the city is expecting a major surge in tourism as well as international attention. Despite the challenges of the past year and a half, Vancouver has remained a vibrant and exciting destination for travelers, and with the return of the cruise industry, there’s every reason to believe that the city is poised for a successful rebound. Indeed, as we look forward to the months ahead, it’s clear that Vancouver’s core is set to be a hub of activity and excitement, offering visitors from around the world the opportunity to experience everything that this beautiful city has to offer. So why not start planning your visit today and join us on the streets of downtown Vancouver as we welcome the world back to our shores!


Millions for the environment…

The British Columbia government is expected to provide upwards of 10 million dollars for electric charging stations for what is expected to be a larger cruise ship.

World wide ships.

Estimates of the number of cruise ships in world go from 270 to “332” Cruise Mummy 2023. The CBC is saying 331 that maybe the number of dockings booked.

The number visitors for Vancouver rivels the visitors for the 2020 Olympic games were the province renovated old hotels to deal with homeless people for those weeks. The million for the cruise season this summer covers April to September. A further estimate for Victoria of 800,000 Plus is for months as well.

We hope that all go s well and some BC. Health care workers get some of the benefit and emotional relief of being on the other side of recent years.

Beware of “Open Registries”

Flags of convince…

A ship flying the flag of an open registry country my not have the best quality of mariners. We think of Panama, Liberia… The ships name and County should be painted on its hull, if it doesn’t match it’s flag it will be an open registry ship.

Photo by Papa birame Faye on

China starting cruising services.


We are nautical experts and hope that our inputs go to enabling a diligence to your research as a resident of BC or particular receiver of visitors to your community. Good Luck.

Island news published a similar story in April 2022. PP

2024 Summer Olympics Paris France Winter 2030 bid.

The 2024 Summer Olympics is next year in Paris France. The notation of the AI above makes reference to the Olympics perhaps the CBC is up to something but it would make more sense if they were doing something in Paris…

We are leaving that reference in the AI article because of the 2010 Olympics and the similarity of expectations even though one was weeks and the other is months people had to prepare. So do your phone research on the CBC and the Olympics and AI as we are doing.

The 2030 winter Olympics bid, (Indigenous reconciliation driven) was said to be dead after the BC Government said it would not support it maybe what the CBC is talking about currently. The Bid got support from the 2020 Vancouver city council. It is said be still alive until fall 2023, there is a 7 year rule on bids involved and a failure of another bidder is in play now. Lets see what my AI has to say about this issue…

2030 Vancouver Olympic bid.

The potential for a 2030 Vancouver Olympic bid has been gaining traction in recent years. Despite setbacks and opposition, supporters of the bid believe that it could be an opportunity for Indigenous reconciliation and for the city to showcase its beauty and hospitality on a global stage once again. The bid has faced criticism over concerns about the environmental impact, cost, and displacement of communities. However, proponents of the bid argue that it could bring economic benefits, infrastructure improvements, and a sense of pride and community spirit to Vancouver. The fate of the bid remains uncertain, but the possibility of hosting another Olympics has sparked excitement and debate among Vancouverites and the global sports community alike. Stay tuned for updates on this evolving story, and let us know your thoughts on a potential 2030 Vancouver Olympic bid in the comments below.
Winter in Vancouver
Winter in Vancouver

CBC Vancouver Quote


This is hopeful

The spirit of man is a strange thing sometimes its prosperity comes at a good time and sometimes not.


My way it drives the day,
My day it paves my stay.

The world it waits as a bird.
Smarter than I and less involved.

It will be my final judge, at its pleasure,
Nor my treasure to my object.

I alone must desire my score, 
Before that single door.

Of end and stop says now deplore,
waste and ruin for gain and store.

Pay my fare for my watch you poor...



This is good.

Dream of an Iceland…

There is hope in our world, if indeed man has contributed to the recent climate change then he can contribute to its healing.

Music: The Woods, Hollow Coves 🎍

Photo by Pixabay on

Hello πŸ€—

Happy Monday

Music, Monday Jazz ❀

Elon Musk, tongue in cheek:

Since Mars is know as the god of war for generations, it must seem prudent to some that Musk go to Mars to straighten him out.

Comic Relief

Merit and Malice

There is still room for the individual…

Flight, individual activities still enjoyable, or a nuisance?

πŸ›΄πŸ›΄πŸ›΄πŸ›΄ Music one man band, Franklin Pierce, Flight recorder, Flying Machine…

Photos: Earth: google Pixel free, lifestyle photos: File KDG

Record 166,000 to shop.. Fox

Thanksgiving in the United States is also the marker for the beginning of Christmas season of shopping and festivities that has a significant impact on the United States economy on its retail structure. Some businesses but not survive down there in that retail market if they didn’t have that month of sales that consumers buy for relationships.

Heavily discounted

Black Friday is a happy tradition for consumers as discounts are heavy as might of retail competes for those end of the year consumer dollars.

The practice spills into Canada whose thanksgiving is observed and n October. Discounts are heavy and midnight magic sales events set a tone.

We got your “back”

Santa ready for Christmas, File Photo KDG

On its way to a stress test.

The promise of Nasa’s Appolo program to relalised after five decades.


It’s possible at the end of the International Space station may be teplaced by a moon base…

Moon 🌝 🎡🎢🎢🎢 music.

The beyond.

Photo pixel free photos

TGIF- Happy Birthday,Alfred Nobel…

Editors Note: That would be inert and not innate, no nature over nurture here, Peace out.

Today is the birthday of the Swedish Chemist Alfred Nobel. Nobel is the man behind the famous Nobel Peace Prize. He put up money for the prize from the his invention of dynamite. He was able to stabilize nitro in a stick of innate material making it far safer to store or use.

Nobel was born in 1833, he lived 63 years and died in Italy.

Music, Peace Prize 🎡🎢🎢

Income range

Aggressive paid athletic performers such as Pro rodeo cowboys according to some sources may make upwards of a million dollars i per annum. The US average cowboy performers make under 40 thousand dollars a year and top out mid $70,000 a year.l


Pro rodeos hire clowns to protect performers from excited livestock. However serious injury is a reasonable risk for some to take.


The romantic lifestyle of the Rodeo cowboy is always in jeopardy and for people to establish themselves on the pro circuit they risk injury and poverty on a long road up. The hundred performances a year is also a cumulative claim on a person’s life.

The local Rodeo Association in Merritt is hosting the local pro Rodeo Sept 3 and 4th “Rodeo is back” is trending.

Cattle on the ranch at Merritt BC

Preserving Merritt’s Western heritage…

Merritt BC incorporation File :Photo KDG

Buy local be vocal homegrown is home enhancing…

The local you support can then support you.

carbon value there’s a carbon saving when goods don’t have to be transported long distance by truck.

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