This film is touted as being for the whole family and carries a PG rating on it as you should talk to some of your tender age kids about large carnivorous prehistoric animals and the terror they can exude in chasing down human prey. The original book by Jules Verne loses little of the author’s signature in this remake. The story line takes you through the Icelandic Volcano to the center of the earth complete with live extinct creatures, inland seas and man-eating plants. It reminds you somewhat of the recent film Avatar in some ways, as it is available in 3 d as well. The characters basically boil down to three, the professor, his 13-year-old nephew, and an improvement on the original mountain guide; a female, played by Anita Briem, born Iceland 1982.

The small debarkation from the original is redeemed by her lively and talented acting. Acting is a key word for this film as lots of it was done by computer and the players were not in the thick of things; as it were. The visual effects have a gut wrenching effect even in 2 D and the imaginative effect is good for every 12-year-old even those about for decades. Suspense is a key word even for those of us that read the book. As the twists and turns of going through the earth, Iceland to Italy and returning to the surface in a T Rex skull   blown out MT.Vesuvius by steam is always one minute from disaster. Enjoyable has you know the science is against the thing but the imagination is all for it.

The film keeps moving from the beginning to the end and you almost want to read into the message that the trip to Ottawa for the nephew, postponed by the expedition tells you something, but what?

The dry humored Brendon Fraser reinforces the Canadian Mounties (a former role) peacemaking image in at least one noticeable instance, when large gems and diamonds are discovered, his interest are taken up by “feldspar”. Eh.

The film was made in Montreal, Canada and the credits list sound mixing to a studio in Vancouver making this a coast to coast must see for Canadians. It is a charming distraction and great imagination simulator as all of Verne’s works were. See you in the Movies

For family and good old Canadian loyalty /entertainment this film rates: ***** excellent.

Restaurant Review, product review: Café Moulu Kona Millstone Ground coffee

Café Moulu Millstone Ground coffee, Kona Macadamia Nut , in a 49.5 gram bag is a delightful distraction from the regular coffee grind it has a full body flavour that is as the name calls for tastes as a  an enhanced Macadamia Nut. The aroma is pronounced and gives an exotic feel to your social outing.

The packet brews 8 to 10 cups of gourmet coffee, measure the normal amount then adjust for taste.

 Imported by Gold Coffee Co LTD Delta BC ,V46 1C6 , This coffee rates **** good to very good.

Prediction Prose:

2017: right age gap.

2050: right age gap.

2060: age gap write.