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Plastic is every where.

Those that control the bubbles will control the world.


Do you need some science in your life?

Listen to this guy, πŸ’ͺ

Britannia on plastics, πŸ‘€

Modern-day miracle.

The invention of plastics and its use in everyday life and it’s taking over from metals was known as a modern-day miracle. It liberated housewives kept us healthier by providing cheap alternatives to freezing food and gave us cheap clothing and better the lifestyles for some time for great populations.

So, what is owed to the legacy of plastics. We would say that what is old is respect and realization that we have to treat its other side with a little more diligence wherever we can.

Good luck to the polymer Express.

Noah,Space Weather.

Aurora borealis, 30 minute forecast (experimental) πŸ‘€

Photo by Pixabay on

This is cool, 😎

The USA government organization Noah provides this online interactive display of the forecast of geomagnetic storms, these storms produce the effect that we know as aurora borealis. The storms are classified as space weather that are driven by storms on the Sun that sends particles over the poles of the Earth and affect our normal weather here on our Planet.

Click on the earth 🌎 above to see it’s image with forecasts of different lengths.

Flower moon tomorrow night.

So,a full moon tomarrow. It is a flower moon a great and greatly appreciated timely treat.

Moon Rising File photo KDG

May 5th 2023,Friday Los Angeles, Pacific daylight Time: 10:34:06 AM PDT.

For US that means we are going to see a near full moon as it rises over the horizon Friday.

The moon appears full or approximately 5 days being technically full for a brief moment after waxing to full it begins to wane.

part of this event is a prenumbular eclipse where the shadow of the Earth will briefly be on the moon. πŸŒ™

According to the website full moon info, this full moon aside from being a flower Moon is also the Aboriginal Australian Moon.

Farmers almanac also says that Friday’s Moon, is also known as a milk Moon, mother’s Moon, and a corn planting Moon.

Corn think global act local…

You need 90 to 100 days for some corn.

However in sheltered areas it’s been done here in Merritt British Columbia.

TGIF-Hitch to red dwarf…

Red Dwarf Residence…

Powerful enjoy every minute, image, imagination, πŸ’— 🀩 and interaction.

Hitch your wagon to a ⭐ star, we did!

Everything I wanted. Music 🎡🎢🎢

Billie Eillish 🎢🎢🎢

Count your lucky stars

No tents currently in Merritt… Shelter 🏠

Moved on historical…

A 2010 single homeless,

camp on a traffic island on a freeway… File Photo KDG

Spring sprung

πŸ‘€Vancouver Sun Article click on image.

Fifteen dollars worth of bottles File Photo KDG

Editors note: This is not what we had in mind when we recommend getting close to nature. However the sense of freedom is a motivation to many we have talked to in this lifestyle.

Beauty is in US.

This beauty, pillars of creation, is the stuff of US. We are made up of these elements and mixed with our life force and desire for life..

We should take care to see this beauty in everyone we encounter.

Look passed the scared of mishap and tragedy and find that beauty’s soul in those you meet today.

Jeremy Hansen, master of science, fighter pilot is to be one of four people to circle the moon and come back in the mock-up mission to establish a presence on the moon in the Artemis 2 program.

Off earth 🌎 human presence..

Saturn moon may have elemental life in solar system.

Photo by ZCH on

The 2024 missio is the Artemis II rocket system and at this point is a rebirth of the decades old Apollo program that saw humans visit the Moon.

The itch of people to own and control their domain’s is showing up in human relations again in this refigurated space race. The race in part is generated by the legitimate need for science and understanding of the limits of our existence on this particular one planet.

The boundary of life in terms of understanding is being demonstrated by pressures again on the planet Earth. The fact that we are in a precarious creation is also generating a nostalgia for the successes of what might be old technology from the Apollo program in a revamped and slightly larger vehicle with the Artemis program.

Permanent presence on our moon.

The second goal after the moon is to be accomplished is human presence on Mars. “The human experience must be multi planet to survive”

Moon rising File photo KDG

Back to Venus

Venus Atmosphere ♉

Men are from Mars…

Not quite however if Women are from Venus they want to know, tongue in cheek. A probe is going back trying to determine the timeline of when life was on Venus, if indeed it was but more to the point the chemistry and why it’s so hot now and uninhabitable.

March Morning Music

Just Checking

ground hog
File Photo KDG

CBC, grocery’s profit…

World Water Day March 22nd, 2023,

Your motivation is yours, here’s a final action plan you may want to use.

Conference March 22-24thy

Link to add to action plan.πŸ‘€

Source UN-Water

Sunday music


Cold spot. -43.6Β° c Shepherd Bay airport Nunavut, 6:00 a.m. Sunday February 26th 2023.

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