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You can not win a fair maiden with a faint heart! Nor can you win her with this quote!!

When I met you I started to whittle a lance! Hard wood and dull knife later, we pause.
To note that there was no shortage of worthy rivals to provoke.
 So, quote: if then you wait by the river long enough,  you will see your enemies  bodies float by.
  But I am not unnerved by seeing them with their smiles. 
A moment lost is a moment lost, without reply.   Philosophy a poor comfort to wrest.

The fact that you are more then the Rut, a mind worthy to test. With a high value put on the destiny of your thoughts, consent.
And never, a moment spent on frivolity and puss.
I will always stay my drive to see you, unless in the right. And judge it tight, a valor to you.
 With out a ruddy fight.
Kevin D. Griffiths,
Flood watch, 2021.

Moon at three quarter August Merritt BC Photo KDG

🏞 l☺☺K

They saved a park and made a plea, this will effect you and me.

The effect will stickle our bones, like meat and spuds do tickle.

Results may vary but stay not contrary, we do claim, to our fame.

To the layers fast and slow, the choice to go with the stayers.

Ad Infinito!

Editors Note: Park land in communities are part of official community plans, any removal is subject to law and must be replaced elsewhere. This was missing from the CBC report.

The ubcm, Union of British Columbia municipalities, has announced an old growth forest recession. The ubcm is the forum for local governments to come together to get a United viewpoint to present to senior levels of levels of government, so as in this case as always their focus is on local government members. However as a resident of BC it would be good to stay informed if you do have an interest in this. The work of association such as ubcm is the quiet effective way to accommodate views for thoughtful presentations to senior governments.

Whether it’s by the community’s ACT or a particular charter the senior governments and the laws they make are what govern us. So. As a resident of BC with any kind of interest and how old growth is managed you may be well off to speak to your local elected officials about your views and how they might present them at this or other types of gatherings.

UBCM contacts.

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2023 Comvention

The 2023 ubcm convention is in Vancouver on September 18th through the 22nd.

My heart ❤️ is open and waits in rustic repose.

Tin Man, America 🎶🎵


Open for a new alloy…

Test ypur metal, I figured some things out and may want to leave it behind and forget… Go to something new and satisfying.

Back to Venus

Venus Atmosphere ♉

Men are from Mars…

Not quite however if Women are from Venus they want to know, tongue in cheek. A probe is going back trying to determine the timeline of when life was on Venus, if indeed it was but more to the point the chemistry and why it’s so hot now and uninhabitable.

WCTC The First Metis Man of Odessa, until March 25 Pavilion theater.

Schedule 👀

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All the world is a stage. Shakespeare

Mars has water…

Jet propulsion lab says:

Hey, Donald duck phone home…

Space Ambient Music

Terraforming is more likely after this finding. Somebody poke Matt Damon.

Spring on Monday.

So, twelve hours of dark and 12 hrs of light suit you? You got it on Monday the 20th of March 2023, the spring equinox will be sprung. This is in our North Hemisphere and is opposite to the southern hemisphere.

The event will be at 5:24 Eastern time 2:24 Pacific. This is the ” astronomical spring” and may differ from the meteorological weather which is different from year to year as many inputs have some change in sun cycles, ocean events, and effects of nature in with the earths volcanic activity etc.

Jazz it up the days will be longer 🎶

Spring growth File Photo KDG

TGIF- Fiber Lovers…

Editors Note: Artist Reception is on March 31, Not the 21st as in the Video.

Local Artisans Merritt BC Canada

Meet the Artist Reception, March 31st 2023, 4 -7 PM, at the Arts Center, corner of Nicola Ave and Voght St, Merritt BC, Canada.
Merritt BC incorporation
File :Photo KDG

Fifty Presenters and Panellists, UBCM Housing Summit.

We are all in this together…

Publishing Date

March 15, 2023

Housing attainability and affordability are among B.C.’s communities’ most significant social challenges. UBCM’s summit HousingBCTogether will gather leaders from all orders of government, along with industry, not-for-profit and Indigenous housing sectors to rethink housing policy with a focus on transformative solutions. As we get closer to welcoming delegates April 4-5 at the Vancouver Wall Centre, our program is nearing completion with over 50 speakers, panellists and facilitators confirmed, with more to come. Register now to be part of the discussion.

Source UBCM Web Capture

Weekend rain fall expected in California.

March 13th 2023,

Our experience November 15th 2021

Good luck

We in 2021 were fortunate enough that a second dump forecast did not come. We think the cold front that caused the ocean generated stream had passed overnight of November 15th leaving only the mountains as a barrier to the flow of that stream.

Food supply.

California produces a lot of our winter time especially produce. Food security and climate concerns are open to local replacement (less transport), we should take note. Editor

Happy Birthday Albert Einstein

March 14th 1879

Albert Einstein German born of Jewish lineage. It took Einstein nine years to get a job in the Academic field. Working as as a patent clerk prior to work as a scientist he was a thinker and came up with his thoughts on general relativity by observation and the foundations of a curious mind developed in his childhood.

Invariance of the speed of light, Britannica…


Photo by on

Today would have been his 144th birthday

Albert Einstein would have been 114 years odd today, however, the man subject to the human condition died on April 18 1955 at 76 years.

Said: No matter how often you are right the public will always remember your errors. A popular divergence was that the medical examiner stole his brain. However:


Whether or not Einstein’s brain was preserved with his prior consent is a matter of dispute. Ronald Clark’s 1979 biography of Einstein states “he had insisted that his brain should be used for research and that he be cremated.” More recent research has suggested that the brain was removed and preserved without the permission of either Einstein or his close relatives.[7]Hans Albert Einstein, the physicist’s elder son, endorsed the removal after the event. However, he insisted that his father’s brain should be used only for research to be published in scientific journals of high standing.[4

March Morning Music

Just Checking

ground hog
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