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You can not win a fair maiden with a faint heart! Nor can you win her with this quote!!

When I met you I started to whittle a lance! Hard wood and dull knife later, we pause.
To note that there was no shortage of worthy rivals to provoke.
 So, quote: if then you wait by the river long enough,  you will see your enemies  bodies float by.
  But I am not unnerved by seeing them with their smiles. 
A moment lost is a moment lost, without reply.   Philosophy a poor comfort to wrest.

The fact that you are more then the Rut, a mind worthy to test. With a high value put on the destiny of your thoughts, consent.
And never, a moment spent on frivolity and puss.
I will always stay my drive to see you, unless in the right. And judge it tight, a valor to you.
 With out a ruddy fight.
Kevin D. Griffiths,
Flood watch, 2021.

Moon at three quarter August Merritt BC Photo KDG

Natures best, New Guinea birds, excellent.

Exotic birds

Nicola Valley BC

We have great birds and birders here in the BC interior, of Canada. Our naturalist club is preparing for an outing two exotic kanaka bar to spot nature and it’s place. The group is fresh from a successful sandhill crane count and audit, a frog survey of many years, and are πŸ€™ calling for volunteer observers of one of our national birds the lake loon.

The Non profit want to do presentations to argument it’s hosting the provincial, BC Nature convention in 2025. So, what does that have to do with New Guinea, We are thinking the like the baby bears just right full of porridge, we in this interior British Columbia are similar in diversity in the sence of an uncomplicated ecology and providence of evolution giving the ability to catalogue ecologies over time.

NNS πŸ‘€

This hawk seems relaxed around electrical fixtures. File Photo KDG

Aboriginal challenge,

The London Linnean Society, above also includes a challenge to use to advantage indigenous historical and natural knowledge of ecology and diversity.

Nicola tribal association πŸ‘€

A First nations perspective is added during the mural project that saw country stars painted on buildings File photo: KDG

Challenge from LLD, “once you’ve been to New Guinea the rest of the world will seem dull” Paraphrase

Clouds, how many types…

love those clouds

Celtic musicπŸŽ΅πŸ‘€

Red Sky in the evening Photo KDG

What goes up has to come down.

The sky is always in flux, and many can read it’s meanings, and forecasts.

Photo by Suhairy Tri Yadhi on

The critical Factor in weather is electrical charge. The inputs from the Sun and the Earth the dust and the molecules that matter are always at work and dealing with the amount of positive and negative balance. We like it’s beauty and character in most instances.

Plastic is every where.

Those that control the bubbles will control the world.


Do you need some science in your life?

Listen to this guy, πŸ’ͺ

Britannia on plastics, πŸ‘€

Modern-day miracle.

The invention of plastics and its use in everyday life and it’s taking over from metals was known as a modern-day miracle. It liberated housewives kept us healthier by providing cheap alternatives to freezing food and gave us cheap clothing and better the lifestyles for some time for great populations.

So, what is owed to the legacy of plastics. We would say that what is old is respect and realization that we have to treat its other side with a little more diligence wherever we can.

Good luck to the polymer Express.

Today is world environment day.

It’s a bee’s life

Imagine all the people John Lennon..

Bee mine

Celtic music, 🎢🎡

Sweet πŸŽ‚

πŸ‘€Oak Forest

Photo by mali maeder on

Berry ripening Moon, June 3rd 2023.

AKA Strawberry πŸ“ Moon 🌝

Weather permitting

See the promise of a fruit full harvest.

The moon will be full at 8:42 AM Pacific time, June 3rd 2023. So, with weather permitting Saturday night will be a good night to see the fullness of the Moon.

πŸ‘€Nasa on full moon.

Full August moon good month for marriage file Photo KDG

Celtic Muse.


Summer belongs to those who will.

Photo by Pixabay on

TGIF- June 2023, night sky BBC.

πŸ‘€ look, we meet again.

Photo by Luis Felipe Alburquerque Briganti on

2030, happyings!

  • Vancouver Winter Olympics?
  • Last lend lease payment to the US from Russia for WW2.
  • 17 goals of sustainability.
  • 🌱 🌳🌲🌳🌳🌳🌩️🌨️☁️🌍


Photo by Pixabay on

Otter day…

World Otter Day Date in the current year: May 31, 2023

World Otter Day

World Otter Day is celebrated annually on the last Wednesday of May. It was created to raise awareness of the conservation status of otters since more than half of all extant otter species are classified as threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Otters are carnivorous mammals that form the subfamily Lutrinae of the family Mustelidae, which also includes badgersferrets, wolverines, martens, polecats, weasels, minks, and ermines, among other animals. There are 13 extant otters species that are all semiaquatic, aquatic, or marine. These cute, playful animals play an important role in ecosystems because their position as top predators helps prevent overpopulation of invertebrates and preserve kelp forests.

Its a day, when’s your “s
Source Any day guide

River Otter or Sea Otter, The are the otter water Mammal.

There is respite…

Red Chairs viewing stops.

Morine Lake, Aqnus the Bee hive sone of Banff Alberta most peacefully stops. Poutine and other specials, you need to look at menu to avoid surprise’s. Tunnel mountain on the way to Lake Louise.

Double βœ”οΈβœ”οΈ check.

Secret spots, from a former resident.

Alberta making a decision on Monday.

Future well done please.

The Proprietor Review

Good luck 🀞

General election Alberta, 2023.


The Alberta vote in progress, β€œCan’t predict a government yet” Global News. πŸ‘€πŸ“‘

Update polls closed 1-1/2 hrs:

UCP: 51 seats

NDP: 33

Majority 44 seats.

Votes ” Slow to come in” Global News.

In all likelihood Smith will break the curse of the Alberta premiers of the conservative persuasion not lasting and will have a majority in a second term.PP

9:50 PM

Danielle Smith projected as elected, ” Global News” 40 seats with less than 100 votes spread.

10:20 PM

Waiting on Rachel Notley… Declared elected with more than three times the UCP candidate in Edmonton Strathcona.

Update: 11:00 p.m. Alberta time

UCP is sharing 52 and a half percent of the of the vote cast, with the NDP closing in on 44%. This gives the UCP a serious advantage in the popular vote cast. At this time Global TV news…

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