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Garden, glory

Last day of front:

The weather today in Merritt, BC is cloudy with a high of 19 degrees celsius and a low of 8 degrees celsius. The current temperature is 14 degrees celsius. There is an 8% chance of precipitation and a 6 UV index. The sunrise time was 5:05 AM and the sunset time will be 8:54 PM1.

Weather Thursday to the end of May.

2023-05-2526 °C9 °C620%Partly sunny
2023-05-2628 °C11 °C76%Sunny
2023-05-2727 °C12 °C626%Mostly cloudy
2023-05-2826 °C11 °C710%Partly sunny
2023-05-2927 °C9 °C81%Sunny
2023-05-3026 °C8 °C50%Sunny
2023-05-3129 °C10 °C51%Sunny
Merritt BC Canada daily temperature to end of May, source Bing

Good growth week ahead…

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


The City of Merritt has not put restrictions on water as they would normally on May 1st, instead they are relying, on provincial drought regulations which at this writing do not have any restrictions on the two rivers in Merritt.


This is a long way from a gas pump File Photo: KDG
Junction of the rivers Nicola and Coldwater at Merritt File Photo KDG


Sunday set…

🎵🎹🎷🎸🎙🎻🎶 listen to the music, its in you…

Sunday the 16th of April,2023, Born on this Day in 1889 the CC…

You are special…

TGIF- Fiber Lovers…

Editors Note: Artist Reception is on March 31, Not the 21st as in the Video.

Local Artisans Merritt BC Canada

Meet the Artist Reception, March 31st 2023, 4 -7 PM, at the Arts Center, corner of Nicola Ave and Voght St, Merritt BC, Canada.
Merritt BC incorporation
File :Photo KDG

Embrace Equity, International Women’s Day 2023.

March 8th, 2023 is international women’s day.

Embrace equity and hug yourself shoulder to shoulder…

Dress’s for young people, File Photo KDG

You should know this…

Be aware

If your local emergency room is closed, 911 is your immediate option. KDG

Doctors are in short supply.

The bulletin board at the NVHC lab had notice of two more doctors not available last week.

Be aware they are dong their best. The city of Merritt puts out alerts on text when the room is closed.

( Voyent Alert,subscribe).

Food print…

Food Print Quiz

My result

In photo above is a link to a sustainable food Quiz. My score was characterized as making some good decisions about what I put in my mouth; (hey never mind that “What about what comes out of it” Smart butt! )That’s for later. Thanks to: What is Your Foodprint? – Quiz – FoodPrint if you missed it in the photo.

Editors Note: Please observe that the horses are slightly ahead of the parked cars in this photo and the asphalt is pronounced. The upper part of my pineapple photo is also in the picture of that sweetheart’s shopping cart. Just a coincidence!

Thanks to all the link holders.

Happy February Monday,looking back.

February 2022, local beef producers demonstrate presence.

Last year a stiring and a resolved presence was demonstrated by local beef producers in the Nicola
Valley, some 14 months after losing land, cattle and infastructure to the destructive flood power of an atmosphereic stream and its affect on the Coldwater river to the Fraser Valley.

The presence demonstrated a reslove to go on and to ask for help in the losses from government. Most of the people were family operations and had a serious cultureal aspect to their plight as it effected them and us.

They feed us…

January 31st…

Listen February is coming.
January is past, just in  time for us, as the bellows of draft do relet..

Coming to February in a séance of class, and buying a look  in  the Smokey glass.

Yes, a future on the March, to avail an April that May bring change.

So listen to the fine jazz as it ebbs to its test, did you find space in the fro of blow.

Don't worry I'll wail  back to fall to sense your claim for better refrain.

Stay warm and  fed it no dread! KDG

Good 😊 morning Monday 🌻

Taylor Swift performer of the decade

This gal has got it.

Taylor Swift the thirty three year old, “geriatic pop star'”. The entertainer just keeps the show going. The drive is good to see, however what’s really encouraging is how her conversation reveals an adjusted, smart, wise person. Butter would not melting her mouth and her charm lands gently with potent strength to impress.

Good luck and happy decade to come.

This isn’t Taylor, the pose is similar, check in the photo for Wikipedia’s take on Taylor…

One of many musicians that have Merritt BC on their resume. File Photo KDG, Spirit square performer.


Eighteen products made from waste.

Drawing KDG

Recycle, reduce, repurpose…

Be a friend to beauty!

Miley Cyrus, Flowers: 🌷🌼🌼🌼🌷🌷🌷

Farmers market joy, file photo KDG

Class Acts are on at the NVCAC gallery until the end of January. The show is at the Arts Center (gallery) on the corner of Voght and Nicola Avenue in Merritt BC. The society has put on shows in recent times and this show remembers them in displays. The displays are a range of ages and likes but have in common the venue of the gallery and society.

Art class is in.

Gallery times are:

The gallery is open from 10 AM to 5 PM Wednesdays to Saturday, noon to 4 PM Sunday. Enter from the 2051 Voght street door.

Sponsored by the BC Arts council and the Province of British Columbia.

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