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Grease, comedy with rock and roll put on by the Western Canada Theater company, Kamloops’s BC.

The production survived its first week and has produced a trailer. There is a cast profile under the image above.

Cruising returning after Covid shutdown.

life for people again…

From the Olympic expectation of 2010, and this year’s cruise season “1,000,000” to be served, is a normalcy after Covid and fire emergencies…

Expectations mount.

As Vancouver prepares to welcome back more and more visitors to its downtown core, the city is gearing up for a potential influx of a million people over the coming months. With the CBC building set to serve as the official broadcasting center for the upcoming Olympics, it’s clear that the city is expecting a major surge in tourism as well as international attention. Despite the challenges of the past year and a half, Vancouver has remained a vibrant and exciting destination for travelers, and with the return of the cruise industry, there’s every reason to believe that the city is poised for a successful rebound. Indeed, as we look forward to the months ahead, it’s clear that Vancouver’s core is set to be a hub of activity and excitement, offering visitors from around the world the opportunity to experience everything that this beautiful city has to offer. So why not start planning your visit today and join us on the streets of downtown Vancouver as we welcome the world back to our shores!


Millions for the environment…

The British Columbia government is expected to provide upwards of 10 million dollars for electric charging stations for what is expected to be a larger cruise ship.

World wide ships.

Estimates of the number of cruise ships in world go from 270 to “332” Cruise Mummy 2023. The CBC is saying 331 that maybe the number of dockings booked.

The number visitors for Vancouver rivels the visitors for the 2020 Olympic games were the province renovated old hotels to deal with homeless people for those weeks. The million for the cruise season this summer covers April to September. A further estimate for Victoria of 800,000 Plus is for months as well.

We hope that all go s well and some BC. Health care workers get some of the benefit and emotional relief of being on the other side of recent years.

Beware of “Open Registries”

Flags of convince…

A ship flying the flag of an open registry country my not have the best quality of mariners. We think of Panama, Liberia… The ships name and County should be painted on its hull, if it doesn’t match it’s flag it will be an open registry ship.

Photo by Papa birame Faye on Pexels.com

China starting cruising services.


We are nautical experts and hope that our inputs go to enabling a diligence to your research as a resident of BC or particular receiver of visitors to your community. Good Luck.

Island news published a similar story in April 2022. PP

2024 Summer Olympics Paris France Winter 2030 bid.

The 2024 Summer Olympics is next year in Paris France. The notation of the AI above makes reference to the Olympics perhaps the CBC is up to something but it would make more sense if they were doing something in Paris…

We are leaving that reference in the AI article because of the 2010 Olympics and the similarity of expectations even though one was weeks and the other is months people had to prepare. So do your phone research on the CBC and the Olympics and AI as we are doing.

The 2030 winter Olympics bid, (Indigenous reconciliation driven) was said to be dead after the BC Government said it would not support it maybe what the CBC is talking about currently. The Bid got support from the 2020 Vancouver city council. It is said be still alive until fall 2023, there is a 7 year rule on bids involved and a failure of another bidder is in play now. Lets see what my AI has to say about this issue…

2030 Vancouver Olympic bid.

The potential for a 2030 Vancouver Olympic bid has been gaining traction in recent years. Despite setbacks and opposition, supporters of the bid believe that it could be an opportunity for Indigenous reconciliation and for the city to showcase its beauty and hospitality on a global stage once again. The bid has faced criticism over concerns about the environmental impact, cost, and displacement of communities. However, proponents of the bid argue that it could bring economic benefits, infrastructure improvements, and a sense of pride and community spirit to Vancouver. The fate of the bid remains uncertain, but the possibility of hosting another Olympics has sparked excitement and debate among Vancouverites and the global sports community alike. Stay tuned for updates on this evolving story, and let us know your thoughts on a potential 2030 Vancouver Olympic bid in the comments below.
Winter in Vancouver
Winter in Vancouver

CBC Vancouver Quote

🏞 l☺☺K

They saved a park and made a plea, this will effect you and me.

The effect will stickle our bones, like meat and spuds do tickle.

Results may vary but stay not contrary, we do claim, to our fame.

To the layers fast and slow, the choice to go with the stayers.

Ad Infinito!

Editors Note: Park land in communities are part of official community plans, any removal is subject to law and must be replaced elsewhere. This was missing from the CBC report.

The ubcm, Union of British Columbia municipalities, has announced an old growth forest recession. The ubcm is the forum for local governments to come together to get a United viewpoint to present to senior levels of levels of government, so as in this case as always their focus is on local government members. However as a resident of BC it would be good to stay informed if you do have an interest in this. The work of association such as ubcm is the quiet effective way to accommodate views for thoughtful presentations to senior governments.

Whether it’s by the community’s ACT or a particular charter the senior governments and the laws they make are what govern us. So. As a resident of BC with any kind of interest and how old growth is managed you may be well off to speak to your local elected officials about your views and how they might present them at this or other types of gatherings.

UBCM contacts.

Photo by Javon Swaby on Pexels.com

2023 Comvention

The 2023 ubcm convention is in Vancouver on September 18th through the 22nd.

Fifty Presenters and Panellists, UBCM Housing Summit.

We are all in this together…

Publishing Date

March 15, 2023

Housing attainability and affordability are among B.C.’s communities’ most significant social challenges. UBCM’s summit HousingBCTogether will gather leaders from all orders of government, along with industry, not-for-profit and Indigenous housing sectors to rethink housing policy with a focus on transformative solutions. As we get closer to welcoming delegates April 4-5 at the Vancouver Wall Centre, our program is nearing completion with over 50 speakers, panellists and facilitators confirmed, with more to come. Register now to be part of the discussion.

Source UBCM Web Capture

They have to make it out alive.

Good one WCT

Who am I answer not worth it.

Sad, but a reality in this world. Good for these Western Canada theater group performers. This is something that all young and older women have to know even at the cost of less adventure and discovery of self. The grief of the loss is awful and effects those that are left most terribly.

WCT and the sagebrush theater are in Kamloops BC a community that was situated in an rural highway connected province worth discovering and malaise has been felt from time to time against innocence.

Stay safe KDG

Housing Summit, BC

Registrations for April 4thand 5th open now. UBCM

TheΒ agendaΒ will include sessions focused on increasing supply; Indigenous housing partnerships; densification & upzoning; tackling homelessness; rural & northern challenges; immigration and housing demand; speculative demand; and expediting development approvals. Full agenda details will be provided in the coming weeks.


Location is the Sheraton Vancouver

Wall Center Vancouver, to bring together…

Speck or peck?

File Photo KDG

UBCM 2023 Excellence awards.

Web capture UBCM

Annual convention

Excellence nominations will be accepted until May 19th 2023, the awards will be presented at the annual convention of the UBCM. The 2023 convention will be on September 18-22 2023.

The UBCM Recognizing members achievements

The Union of British Columbia Municipalities are inviting applications to affirm members work in four categories of excellence.

  • Excellence in governance
  • Excellence in service delivery
  • Excellence in sustainability
  • Excellence in asset management

The UBCM is tasked with being a forum for municipalities as they work to serve the people of British Columbia. The Union has lobbying ability with upper levels of government, Media, etc. Recognition and democratic decision-making in resolutions are part and parcel of the work they do.

Citizens can use their local elected officials to voice on their behalf. KDG

Twitter a tool as well

A Voice

Warm winter ❄️ thoughts to you…

Daylight hours…

Sun rise in the southeast for BC at 8:34 AM the sun will then set at 4:20 PM to n the south west. (Pacific time)

Air quality statement BC…

October 18th smoky sky’s statement Environment Canada.

Air Quality Canada.ca

The sun west of Merritt, Red from smoke, of the
2017 fire season in the Southern interior of
BC File Photo KDG

COVID-19 and respiratory flu

Highlights more than 80% more of people five and up have received two doses of covid 19 vaccine

Hospital use down

file photo KDG

If you are sick stay 🏠

Air ambulance sitting at air field . Health care takes a lot of support from many sources including you keeping your own.

Sweet victory 🎢

Covid Boosters.


Over the age of 60, over 80 priority.

Australia season a model

Flu and Covid paired

October and November target,

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