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Alberta making a decision on Monday.

Good luck 🤞
General election Alberta, 2023.


The Alberta vote in progress, “Can’t predict a government yet” Global News. 👀📡

Update polls closed 1-1/2 hrs:

UCP: 51 seats

NDP: 33

Majority 44 seats.

Votes ” Slow to come in” Global News.

In all likelihood Smith will break the curse of the Alberta premiers of the conservative persuasion not lasting and will have a majority in a second term.PP

9:50 PM

Danielle Smith projected as elected, ” Global News” 40 seats with less than 100 votes spread.

10:20 PM

Waiting on Rachel Notley… Declared elected with more than three times the UCP candidate in Edmonton Strathcona.

Update: 11:00 p.m. Alberta time

UCP is sharing 52 and a half percent of the of the vote cast, with the NDP closing in on 44%. This gives the UCP a serious advantage in the popular vote cast. At this time Global TV news is saying that the NDP didn’t get enough of a start in their strong area of Edmonton, this makes it unlikely and that they will be able to form a government. Global is also saying that some cabinet ministers will be losing their jobs not being able to get the confidence of the electorate to be reelected.

Media calling it a UCP election win.

Opinion: We at PR believe that this is a good election outcome, and with the two leaders strongly mandated with public popular vote both the premier and the leader of the loyal opposition standing a good place and to increase and win back some of the quality of life that people Alberta and Canada deserve.

Waiting on Rachel Notley:

So we sign off with full confidence that Ms Notley will concede and reiterate her support for the legislative process of the good government of Alberta for the next term. We we rest in the integrity, goodwill, fortitude and resolve of those people of high character and they will be leading that province and aspiring to good things with all their good neighbors. Thank you so very much for your efforts. KDG

Jazzy Day…

Relax to some jazz.
Daily writing prompt
List the people you admire and look to for advice…

Elegant jazz…

Summer belongs to you…

Your path our freedom

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Have a great weekend 😁

TGIF-One view, on farming…

Eight billion souls agree

Obviously the only way that Hunter gathering and local gardening would satisfy 8 billion stomachs is if they hunted each other. And I think it’s agreed we should quit doing that. However that leaves forestry and nature for no till growing, and the calmness and gentleness of your front garden for peace of mind and soul rest. We give that without reserve to all that attempt it.

June, July, August

have a great season.

Carbon farming

Methods of nature that preserve the under soil, also known as don’t till farming are being adapted now to go back to wild for climate and fauna sake. We hope all can work together.

Buy local Shop local still very relevant for choice and local environmental concerns.

Grow it mow it make it.

Those that make the earth respond will ultimately own it’s grace.

Farmers market file photo


Garden, glory

Last day of front:

The weather today in Merritt, BC is cloudy with a high of 19 degrees celsius and a low of 8 degrees celsius. The current temperature is 14 degrees celsius. There is an 8% chance of precipitation and a 6 UV index. The sunrise time was 5:05 AM and the sunset time will be 8:54 PM1.

Weather Thursday to the end of May.

2023-05-2526 °C9 °C620%Partly sunny
2023-05-2628 °C11 °C76%Sunny
2023-05-2727 °C12 °C626%Mostly cloudy
2023-05-2826 °C11 °C710%Partly sunny
2023-05-2927 °C9 °C81%Sunny
2023-05-3026 °C8 °C50%Sunny
2023-05-3129 °C10 °C51%Sunny
Merritt BC Canada daily temperature to end of May, source Bing

Good growth week ahead…

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What about Chives

Five chive eggs?

Herb or superb…

The garden can provide lots of variation for tastes that will excite your palate, chives maybe one of them for you.

Maestro chives, a coincidence, not a herb but a little bit of spice in life 🎵🎶🎶👀🌱

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The City of Merritt has not put restrictions on water as they would normally on May 1st, instead they are relying, on provincial drought regulations which at this writing do not have any restrictions on the two rivers in Merritt.


This is a long way from a gas pump File Photo: KDG
Junction of the rivers Nicola and Coldwater at Merritt File Photo KDG


This is 😎 cool.

Those that follow new horizons will never be satisfied, and always be justified.


🎵👀🎶🎶🎶 Falling through time.

Jazz.Victoria day weekend…

Yes, we think, and so we are.

The Proprietor Review



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Jazz.Victoria day weekend…



Photo by Tom Swinnen on

TGIF- Chopper and frame rate of cameras are pals.

neat trick.

I feel like that sometimes…

So, have you ever felt that somebody is synced your effort to their frame rate on their camera and it is showing you is not moving. The possibility exists.

It’s a Great life.

So many things to consider and enjoy the wonders community produces and shares in images.

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