The ubcm, Union of British Columbia municipalities, has announced an old growth forest recession. The ubcm is the forum for local governments to come together to get a United viewpoint to present to senior levels of levels of government, so as in this case as always their focus is on local government members. However as a resident of BC it would be good to stay informed if you do have an interest in this. The work of association such as ubcm is the quiet effective way to accommodate views for thoughtful presentations to senior governments.

Whether it’s by the community’s ACT or a particular charter the senior governments and the laws they make are what govern us. So. As a resident of BC with any kind of interest and how old growth is managed you may be well off to speak to your local elected officials about your views and how they might present them at this or other types of gatherings.

UBCM contacts.

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2023 Comvention

The 2023 ubcm convention is in Vancouver on September 18th through the 22nd.