You can not win a fair maiden with a faint heart! Nor can you win her with this quote!!

When I met you I started to whittle a lance! Hard wood and dull knife later, we pause.
To note that there was no shortage of worthy rivals to provoke.
 So, quote: if then you wait by the river long enough,  you will see your enemies  bodies float by.
  But I am not unnerved by seeing them with their smiles. 
A moment lost is a moment lost, without reply.   Philosophy a poor comfort to wrest.

The fact that you are more then the Rut, a mind worthy to test. With a high value put on the destiny of your thoughts, consent.
And never, a moment spent on frivolity and puss.
I will always stay my drive to see you, unless in the right. And judge it tight, a valor to you.
 With out a ruddy fight.
Kevin D. Griffiths,
Flood watch, 2021.

Moon at three quarter August Merritt BC Photo KDG