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James web first image?

Very useful information, up for use KDG


Webs first image.

Six months from launch in position for cycle one photos.

12,000 applications for cycle one involvement to 266.

41 Countries 1/3 women 6000 hrs each in cycle one operation.

Trappist 1, super cool red dwarf system, 40 light-years away, 7 super-earths.

In a nut shell…

October 1st 1958 NASA open for business...
File Photo KDG

Meteor season begins…

Summer Meteor Season you sky watchers.

Someone say you should shower more often, maybe they meant Meteor shower. The Earth is intersecting rocky and ice debris fields at times of the year including the Delta Aquariids in late July. In early August there will be Perseids to be seen…

Moon free skies…

There is an advantage to darker skies when viewing meteors as well as being in an area free of ground light pollution. Merritt has a number of excellent places to view night skies.

Good luck

On this Day: July 23rd 1995

Hale Bopp Comet is discovered.

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