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Found to keep and cherish..

I felt the feeling long time appealing.
Perhaps a drive for the masses.
Hold, no way, it was you alone.
And was strange and familiar all at once.
That we once knew each other as you are me and I am you.
Particles of our being mixed in a distant ancient nova. 
Separated and spread to the winds of time 
Till time and draw did meet.
 Our knowing,skating on words of synergy. 
Agreement a value in the mix.
Our senses  jumped a foot and a day.
To explain this build and thus employ it's destiny to our moment with  eternity to ply.
Our prize of peace to keep forever more ❤️. KDG

I Love You.

Think like a person justified.

You are here in with us.
Why so much to take to fuss.
 You were born, our consent.
What is owed is lost on balance.

You need not think so less. Not approved makes no sense. All in all its your ride, less fence. Happy remains in your grasp. Like summers rain on mowed grass. I's yours alone to spend: and buy . KDG


Thursday, December 19, 2019, 12:18 PM

 The pale din of dawn calling, calling, calling wake little flowers, wake you grasses, wake forest, come to life and consume. Then  I looked full in the face, I'm the dear little plants. Never full, never full, never full, never, never full as they drank the morning dew. 


The rays of light did cascade about the green controlling,  driven to the air, I please.  Pleased by dioxide that I gave without thought or repose. Then with claim, I, did propose to hold my breath. I'm just concerned at the beauty of the garden prey,  they insulted me by thinking poor of my creature self. Not near, so beauty as their garden roe!  As I held my breath I did see the fade of sweet still bright. Dark did develop about petal, I poi.  I had them where I should know fade, deserve wood, come. The insult claimed, aits just results...  But wait the darkened face is not on them, it's on me.  That upstart plant projected its guilt and shame to me. With a puff of stuff, I'll let go of my breath, to feed the creature its oxide brew.   Clear the air, and cancel the fate of their wretched beauty.  Carbon is theirs for their take. The projection, it's no longer to make my soul to ache.  It belongs to their snide beauty, for to hide.

On This Day: March 3rd 1966

Born Timo Tolkki, musican.

Are you the one… play

File Photo KDG

TGIF- Truth, Happy 2022…


To tell the truth you need no sleuth.

Just your feeling of what is right, with no fight.

Keep it short, it will not retort.

File it tight, along with right.

For the day when it grows and gives its fruit.
Pain or gain need not explain, past sight.
A witness will rise and help its harvest, without flight.
In the range of sense and never behind the dreaded fence.

And all will see its virtue till, the fertile ground that never dies.
Because we loved and waited for our time, and gave its power its due.
And the truth is, we will love through all, and even death will lower its fee.
And I and we both will see.

The fence that calls to hide and keep the energy you paid.
To call into life and give it wheels, and let it shine, as said.
You must then give it up, and let it fly and land where it will.
And its peace, not its strife, is neither bought nor borrowed but stays still.


To all those that overcame the infatuation and brain chemicals of new experience and went on to commitment and truth; Happy 2022!

I Know

Photo KDG

Happy National Poetry day…

Along a short the horn blew,
tomorrow is near to be clear.
One more day you have spent,
not able or sure to repent.
Closer ever closer the bitter stuff,
lost time to regret and never forget.
Permanent pose is your life ,
no mercy in past stance to give.
Buck up my friend the horn looks waiting,
closing on que and thinking of you.
PP 2020

On this Day: January 14th 1973

The Elvis Presley satellite broadcast reach’s the most people ever in a live broadcast.

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